Tips for Buying IT Hardware

IT Hardware

IT Hardware

When you are investing in your IT infrastructure, there are three questions to ask your IT Hardware partner, especially if you are buying used equipment:

1.  Does your vendor have solid relationships with their suppliers?  The reliability of used hardware is surprisingly not significantly different than “new in box”.  Where you buy the hardware is really the key.  Finding a supplier that has the right relationships, knows where the hardware comes from, and will stand behind it is the key to your success.

2.  Have they built relationships that ensure the quality of their supply?  When deciding what you need, consider using a known provider that has longevity.  Working with a supplier that specializes in IT and closely related gear is also a great idea as opposed to a general electronics supplier.  That way you know you are dealing with a specialist, a professional in their field.

3.  Does your vendor partner own the hardware and know exactly where it came from, or do they use a third party to support their inventory?  This is a huge concern.  If your vendor doesn’t know where the hardware comes from, or understand the source, you could be setting yourself up for disaster.

If you can confirm these three important attributes then you are working with a professional who is committed to supporting your IT hardware needs.

Bruce Warren

ICT Company

Experts  in IT Networking, Telephony, and 3com.


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2 Responses to “Tips for Buying IT Hardware”

  1. James Hickerson Says:

    To Sales:
    Just purchased (4) four of your refurbed 3com routers (3CRWDR300A-73). I can’t get the protocol off the net. The page will not load. Can you help me before I am forced to return them?

    • ICT Asset Recovery Says:

      Thanks for your message. I’ve forwarded your message to our sales/service team and they are working on this. You should hear back from them within 24 hours if you have not already resolved the problem.

      Many thanks.

      Bruce Warren

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