Responsible Electronics Recycling Act Introduced in US House H.R. 6252

October 7, 2010

Keeping abreast of the ever-changing e-waste laws is important for OEM’s, CEM’s and enterprise end users of technology.  This act that has been introduced in the US House of Representatives represents some of the most sweeping changes to how electronics are handled.

It’s important for the environment, and by default it affects data security as well.  The cost to comply with this  legislation is hard to determine as it’s still new, but it’s clear that the logistics infrastructure will be affected.


Risks and Benefits of a Trusted Reseller Verses a Spot Buy

March 5, 2010

IT Hardware Specialists

There are many sources for refurbished or “secondary market” purchases.  Understanding the risks and benefits of buying on the spot market verses an established reseller is critical when you are making a decision to replace, upgrade or expand your network.

The Spot Market

Some have likened this market to betting one number in game of roulette:  the odds of you winning are very low.  If you are buying on the spot market, it can be very difficult to know if the equipment has been taken care of properly, where it came from, and to verify its authenticity.  It’s probably being sold “as is” and has no warranty support to speak of.

So if something goes wrong, it’s up to you to solve the problem.  And that could mean down time, buying replacement equipment again, and draining an already stressed IT budget.  And there is always the danger that once you install it, it won’t meet manufacturer standards and could perform poorly.

The Trusted Reseller

A relationship with a trusted reseller can net you cost and time savings in the long run.  A vendor partner who has been in business for years, who has a proven relationship with suppliers and can verify the origins of your equipment, can be the difference between a successful installation, build out or upgrade or a disaster.

A rigorous inspection process minimizes risks, and live customer service that can answer questions, and solve any problems that may arise are invaluable.  You’re also dealing with professionals who are interested not just in the sale, but who want to earn your business and a long term relationship.  Whether you are an enterprise user with multiple worldwide locations, or a single location, utilizing a trusted resource for your refurbished IT hardware needs is a wise and budget friendly decision.

Tips for Buying IT Hardware

June 9, 2009
IT Hardware

IT Hardware

When you are investing in your IT infrastructure, there are three questions to ask your IT Hardware partner, especially if you are buying used equipment:

1.  Does your vendor have solid relationships with their suppliers?  The reliability of used hardware is surprisingly not significantly different than “new in box”.  Where you buy the hardware is really the key.  Finding a supplier that has the right relationships, knows where the hardware comes from, and will stand behind it is the key to your success.

2.  Have they built relationships that ensure the quality of their supply?  When deciding what you need, consider using a known provider that has longevity.  Working with a supplier that specializes in IT and closely related gear is also a great idea as opposed to a general electronics supplier.  That way you know you are dealing with a specialist, a professional in their field.

3.  Does your vendor partner own the hardware and know exactly where it came from, or do they use a third party to support their inventory?  This is a huge concern.  If your vendor doesn’t know where the hardware comes from, or understand the source, you could be setting yourself up for disaster.

If you can confirm these three important attributes then you are working with a professional who is committed to supporting your IT hardware needs.

Bruce Warren

ICT Company

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